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I finally made it..... phew

Posted by Flying-pen - February 4th, 2010

I finally finished my first PSD art work. Mood: top of the world. A:
However as always I were too fast minded and thought I just could submit without any problems....... NOT!
I needed to install a hole new browser before I could figure out my problem (it wouldn't upload). B:
But it finally worked and I can't wait untill it will be seen by other users.

C: I'm still working and learning about flash, and I've discovered a lot of new things, like a few effeckts and how to play music. I sometimes feel like a noop, but that's the truth after all, so what can I do about it. :)

Mr. time and I have still not got along with eachother, so I'm not improving as much as I did in the past years. But I'm planning on doing some extra flash-practice in my winter vacation*. But even if I give up on flash, I'll still send PSDs.

*I don't know much about other cuntries's vacations, but I know that kids in england have one huge summervacation, but in Denmark we have a short summer vacation but many other diffrent vacations, autumn vacation, spring vacation, winter and many others.

I finally made it..... phew

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Hi Flying-pen, thanks for the comment on my last submission. I checked out some of your stuff, although I really wanted to comment how awesome your doodle is in this news post, lol! I especially like the 2nd and 3rd in this pic, it's great chibi work. ^^ I've worked with flash before myself and it is very tedious work but pays off in the end, especially around NG. Your first submission you posted is very colorful and full of potential, keep up the work and hope to see more from you. :)


Nice drawing!