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Whatever the wings showed us in the past, we will always reach the furture at last. Even a blackwinged one fallen from the high, can find his way back to the top of the sky.

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I finally finished my first PSD art work. Mood: top of the world. A:
However as always I were too fast minded and thought I just could submit without any problems....... NOT!
I needed to install a hole new browser before I could figure out my problem (it wouldn't upload). B:
But it finally worked and I can't wait untill it will be seen by other users.

C: I'm still working and learning about flash, and I've discovered a lot of new things, like a few effeckts and how to play music. I sometimes feel like a noop, but that's the truth after all, so what can I do about it. :)

Mr. time and I have still not got along with eachother, so I'm not improving as much as I did in the past years. But I'm planning on doing some extra flash-practice in my winter vacation*. But even if I give up on flash, I'll still send PSDs.

*I don't know much about other cuntries's vacations, but I know that kids in england have one huge summervacation, but in Denmark we have a short summer vacation but many other diffrent vacations, autumn vacation, spring vacation, winter and many others.

I finally made it..... phew

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Zoology Student 10 Points

Scan a foe and begin filling in the bestiary.

300 Damage 5 Points

Deal 300 damage with a single hit.

Limits Were Broken 5 Points

Use an awesome limit break for the first time.

First Casualty 5 Points

Watch a player die, as you do nothing to help.

Burn Baby Burn 5 Points

Set a foe on fire, and watch them burn.

First Blood 5 Points

Defeat your first foe, and become a hardened killer.

Used Strength 5 Points

Push an unwanted block out of the way. It will not be missed.

Panty Thief 5 Points

Steal some underwear. Perverts pay good money for stuff like this.

Deforestation Problem 25 Points

Enter Ashwood Forest for the first time.